Reloadable Deodorant Prototypes

Whats the most expensive part of your deodorant? The hard plastic container. Why not bring to market an alternative that reduces needless packaging waste and saves consumers substantial money? For their Corporate Innovations Team, I created concepts for Soft & Dri and Right Guard, that address both ease of use and feasibility.

Right Guard

I departed from current conventions. What goes inside is an innovative, suction technology gel pack. Pressing down on the button will release the perfect amount of gel. The case is upside down, shorter, and thinner. The case is a fusion of substantial metal, and grip-able rubber. Most importantly, the case is curved to fit perfectly in hand.

Soft & Dri

I designed the Soft & Dri packaging to have a feminine — sculptural quality. The curves create both the perfect shape for holding and a subtle branded ‘S’. Unlike it’s plastic step-sister, this case is made of substantial metal. To reload, simply slide the new cartridge through the bottom of the case.