Go Ahead: Tame Impala

I got hooked on a couple tunes. I started listening to some Grizzly Bear but then stumbled on Tame Impala when I heard ‘Elephant’ and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’.

Labor Of Love: My Social Stream Tool

Say hello to my new custom built Social Stream tool; the final piece of my online trilogy. I’d love to share it with you. See an overview of the tool and some links to help you further explore the features and technology.

New Skin: Peep My Portfolio

Hot-temperatures… high-pressure… lots-of-time… and out pops a diamond. Introducing, my brand new, custom built online portfolio! Intrigued? I’d love to share this recent exploit with you.

Spotlight: Look Mom I’m On TV

David Blaine traveled the country performing magic for regular people. During his stop in Saint Louis, my crew and I were lucky enough to be included. I edited a quick 2min montage.

Client Work: Big Sky Spirit

TMG, a restaurant co-founded by Ted Turner, needed to get local franchisees excited about their unique position & brand promise. Now they have a brand new video, from yours truly.

Caution: Pizza Is Hot

See what happens when I’m asked to put all four major national pizza chains on front street! My task was simple: add some comic relief to a bimonthly pizza marketing meeting.