Broken Record: A Valentine’s Mash-Up

Happy Valentine’s 2014! Enjoy my gift of 8 lost-love songs all mashed together for the saddest 12 minutes of your day. These are songs that I’ve bookmarked over the past few years for their uniqueness in expressing those broken love feelings that we’ve all felt at some (or many points) throughout our lives. The order of the songs hopefully take you on a journey down and back up. Which is where I am, enjoying the last year of my twenties. These are just tastes of the songs, so make sure to check out the songs on their own. Comment below with your own favorite lost-love tracks!

Submissions From Instagram

Laura: Jose Gonzales – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Danielle: Poison – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Emmy: BoysIIMen – End Of The Road
Kristen: Keaton Henson – Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us

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