Action: Check Out My Adventure Cam

I finally purchased a new camera! I ended up going with a GoPro adventure camera, so that I could capture motorcycle rides and vacations. Read on to see my first footage from a flyfishing trip, get some workflow tips, and get a link to my ‘GoPro inspiration for brands’ article.

Montauk State Park – On The Line
from the skinny™

Lessons Learned:

I bought this for a Minnesota canoe trip, but ended up running out of batteries pretty soon into the trip because of leaving it in wi-fi mode overnight.

The footage that I did capture was so high resolution that viewing it on my computer was disappointing. Looking at choppy footage is quite the buzzkill and a lot of other people experience this on their first import.

Going in and out of water can cause lens fog. I’ll need to look into an anti-fog spray.

Because there is no viewfinder, you’ll need to learn to use your Jedi-Force, to keep subjects within the composition. My last fishing trip has lots of worthless footage of cropped out fish.

There is a one-button mode start-up feature, which recently tricked me because it stopped filming after 20 seconds. We ended up loosing an awesome fishing scene.


If you’re not taking footage for a feature length HD project, consider capturing footage at a lower resolution so your not working with too large of files.

Stick to shooting footage in 30 and 60 Frames Per Second.

The real game changer is to download the free GoPro CineForm Software for converting your raw footage into more manageable clips.

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