Recap: Allan Peters Visits Moose

Moosylvania hosted a casual lunch & learn with Target designer, Allan Peters, as part of the AIGA STL Annual Design Show. Thanks to Allan for speaking to us, he is a really great and genuine guy. Read on, for my quick notes from his presentation.

Allan Peters speaking @ Moose

Allan Peters speaking @ Moose

presentation notes:

Allan has worked at a variety of places from 2 person shops, big agencies, to in-house. Even he found himself in over his head at first, but took the time to research the Advertising-Pros. Things like a bill-board should have 6 or less words. His recent work for Target has really earned him a lot of attention. He walked us through several recent projects.

3 Post Reveal Game for Target Canada Social Media

You shouldn’t over look your social media assignments. It can be a chance to do great work without having 80 levels of approval processes, like you’ll find in traditional branding and advertising. His work for Target Canada Social Media was remarkable. Introducing Canada to Target has been no easy task. He shared some lessons and successes. Check out his Hello Neighbor Series. He worked with the San Fran based, Lab Partners. The illustrations featured bullseye the dog traveling across the country. These were used as a Zoom-Out Reveal Guessing game, to announce new store openings. The game had 3 crops of each poster, and each crop was interesting. The mode of travel for bullseye varied. This became a series of travel posters that became a much bigger idea than just a social post. Allan originally came up with the idea as an extension of a live-action commercial that Target ran. Some lessons he has learned from social postings include: too much text is white noise, sometimes people don’t want to see products, do things that make people happy like free craft printouts.

Instore element from the Big Summer Campaign

One of his biggest assignments was the Target Summer Campaign. It was a huge undertaking for their in-house team. One of his insights was that nobody reads advertising; just make something big and iconic.

random tips:

• Have a Quick Tour section of your portfolio. If you look at the analytics, you have less than a minute of people’s attention.
• Combine 2 ideas. See this post
• Just take on quick freelance projects that help you push your style. Don’t take on robust websites or catalogues.
• Your excitement and passion are important for selling your ideas. See the Hello Neighbor project.

tips for the newbies:

• Find a mentor
• Share on social
• Follow on social
• Have a simple website
• Have a quick tour option online
• Don’t burn bridges or project negativity.

My friends and I cheesing it up for Allan

Allan Peters speaking @ Moose

Check out Allan’s photo recap of his visit here.


writing: stephen jackson
photos + thoughts: allan peters

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