It’s been over half a year since I made a big move to a bigger agency in saint louis. I’ve had lots of new experiences including getting on the big screen. A group of around 20 co-workers came together to create a short film for the annual 48-Hour Film Festival. I was really happy to have a small part in the show. Our film made it to the final competition and even won best graphics. Enjoy the video!

the video:

behind the scenes:

I hadn’t made any plans to be a part of the film team, so I was surprised to get a call early on Saturday. The team had been up writing all Friday night, and had already set up the shoot at a small downtown photography space. The script called for a silver-spoon fraternity character. Naturally they called and told me to throw on some frat clothes and get to the space. I spent a good hour learning my lines and even added some color to the script from my years of frat-sperience. A little improvising gave birth the catch phrase “You know me”. You might notice that I have a twin at work named Sean Bell. I’m a pretty horrible actor, so I was happy that the plot involved all of the characters in awkward interviews. I wasn’t really acting at that point. I was actually having an awkward interview.


The Saint Louis 48-Film Festival Website

a couple credits: (see video for full credits)
director + editor: william levy
won best credits: danielle keegan
director of photography: nick becker
actor + header illustration: stephen jackson

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