Today, is my birthday! So forgive me for such a narcissistic blog post. Back in the summer of 2008ish, a group of us met up at the City Diner. We planned on having a quick bite to eat and then going to the Botanical Garden. Our plans changed when our waiter told us that David Blaine and his crew were there setting up shop to do some filming. After some waiting of our own, we got to meet him, get entertained, and ended up on national TV. Here is a quick 2min montage I edited. David performed several card tricks for us. The trick that made it on the air, was a cell phone trick. Our cellphones were set across from each other with a quarter in the middle. Then we had our phones call each other. Apparently, a magnetic field caused the quarter to jump. Although, we have been unable to replicate. An aside, I still have the same red flip cell phone from 2007.

The original special, Titled ‘Dive Of Death’, was 2 hours long and aired on NBC. It is currently being shown on Travel channel. Oddly enough, people still recognize us when watching.

I edited a quick 2min montage:

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