“How do you create a better future?” Providence Christian Academy knows how. And now they have a brand new video, from yours truly, to tell their story. Watch the video. And read on to learn about some of the process and inspiration that went into it.


I was asked to create a video slideshow for the annual ‘PCA’ fundraising dinner. The major challenge was creating something compelling, using only still images. Being limited to stills tends to be a common problem – that you too may have already encountered. Here were some of the techniques used to add depth to the project.

(1) Create a narrative. My co-worker Matt, who is very familiar with the school’s mission, wrote out a script. That script was later used to record Voice Over (VO). All the images and animations were designed to support the narrative.

(2) Set the mood. I choose a track, from Bibio, that starts off inquisitive & classical. And later builds to finish up-beat. The VO talent also helped convey a youthful spirit.

(3) Utilize visual connotations. For instance, what visuals can you think of that relate to schools? I came up with ideas like yearbook photos, chalkboards, and doodling.

(4) Think about transitions. How can you transition between images in a way that relates to the mood, theme, and pace of your video? I incorporated elements from the chalk board frame as borders. Sliding quickly between images helped to keep an up-beat pace. Varying the direction of the slide helped keep visual interest.

Close up of essential water.

Thanks to Jane, for contributing the chalk writing.


This video from ‘QBF’, sports some very interesting transitions
and rack focusing.

Here are a couple links to block animations that inspired the
first section of my video.

art, creative direction, + animation: stephen jackson
script: matt bergeson


  1. video turned out really well. great job!

  2. Jane on April 24th, 2010
  3. Thank you for the complements!

  4. stephen jackson on April 27th, 2010
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