Go Ahead: Tame Impala

I got hooked on a couple tunes. I started listening to some Grizzly Bear but then stumbled on Tame Impala when I heard ‘Elephant’ and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’.

Broken Record: A Valentine’s Mash-Up

Happy Valentine’s 2014! Enjoy my gift of 8 lost-love songs all mashed together for the saddest 12 minutes of your day.

Action: Check Out My Adventure Cam

“How do you create a better future?” Providence Christian Academy knows how. And now they have a brand new video, from yours truly, to tell their story. Watch the video.

Recap: Allan Peters Visits Moose

Moosylvania hosted a casual lunch & learn with Target designer, Allan Peters, as part of the AIGA STL Annual Design Show. Read on, for my quick notes from presentation.

Big Moves: Big Screen

I made a big move to a bigger agency in saint louis. I’ve had lots of new experiences including getting on the big screen. A group of around 20 co-workers came together to create a short film for the annual 48-Hour Film Festival. Enjoy the video!