Broken Record: A Valentine’s Mash-Up

Happy Valentine’s 2014! Enjoy my gift of 8 lost-love songs all mashed together for the saddest 12 minutes of your day. These are songs that I’ve bookmarked over the past few years for their uniqueness in expressing those broken love feelings that we’ve all felt at some (or many points) throughout our lives.

Action: Check Out My Adventure Cam

“How do you create a better future?” Providence Christian Academy knows how. And now they have a brand new video, from yours truly, to tell their story. Watch the video.

Recap: Allan Peters Visits Moose

Moosylvania hosted a casual lunch & learn with Target designer, Allan Peters, as part of the AIGA STL Annual Design Show. Read on, for my quick notes from presentation.

Big Moves: Big Screen

I made a big move to a bigger agency in saint louis. I’ve had lots of new experiences including getting on the big screen. A group of around 20 co-workers came together to create a short film for the annual 48-Hour Film Festival. Enjoy the video!

Labor Of Love: My Social Stream Tool

Say hello to my new custom built Social Stream tool; the final piece of my online trilogy. I’d love to share it with you. See an overview of the tool and some links to help you further explore the features and technology.